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Men’s Services

A sexy and attractive man and woman couple smiling and happy wearing sunglasses in sunshine at the beach

You deserve the best.

In the workplace or out on the town, more and more men are enjoying the personal and professional rewards of looking trimmer, healthier and more youthful. Browse through our services designed especially for men’s needs, focusing on the areas of your skin and body you’ve always wanted to enhance and improve.

Now is the time to explore your options with the trained professionals of Beaumont Health and Wellness. Schedule a free consultation to discuss concerns ranging from unwanted body hair to love handles to sun damage. Once your areas of interest are identified, you receive expert recommendations and a thorough consultation that goes over every step of your treatment — before, during and after. We’re here to ensure you’ll enjoy your experience and love your look.


Hair Removal

Finally, you’ve found a solution that lasts.


For many men, body hair – and where it appears – can become a point of frustration and embarrassment. Shaving is only a temporary solution, and the idea of waxing or electrolysis sounds like more trouble than it’s worth. Beaumont’s advanced laser hair removal system is a safe, comfortable and proven alternative, removing hair from virtually any part of your body and keeping it off.

Reflection of a young man in the bathroom mirror after shaving

Skin Care

Take the professional approach .

It’s never been easier to fight gravity or nature, and minimize or correct the effects of acne scarring, sun damage, age spots, wrinkles and other skin issues. Beaumont Health and Wellness offers a wide array of skin care products and treatments to help you achieve the look you want, with results that appear natural and effortless.

Weight Management

Sharp. Strong. Sculpted.

You work out. You watch what you eat. And still, there are areas of the body where heredity or the march of time takes a toll on your confidence. When it’s time to tighten the skin and target problem areas, the professionals at Beaumont Health and Wellness are here to give you the results you’ve always wanted to see in the mirror. Our leading technology helps to decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and excess fat, tighten loose skin and increase collagen production. Talk to your BHW associate to discover safe, non-surgical, non-invasive solutions that firm and tone your body with natural-looking results.