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Eclipse Laser Tattoo Removal

*$400 LASER FREE TATTOO REMOVAL- Call for Details*****

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*$425.00 Per Session

A tattoo lasts forever… until now. Those who have lived with tatted regret have a new option to safely remove their unwanted ink with ease utilizing the all-new Eclipse Tattoo Removal Pen. This revolutionary product out performs the standard creams and lasers.


For many, old-school techniques presented considerable downsides, from expense and scarring to concerns about what happens to the ink after a treatment. Of the 45 million people who have tattoos, nearly 20 percent state regretting one or more of their tattoos and want to remove the ink. The key is finding a safe, effective and affordable solution.
The Eclipse Tattoo Removal Pen is the answer. The cordless pen utilizes the Mechanized Epidermal Tattoo Removal (METR™) technique which delivers superior results compared to many of the existing tattoo removal options. Unwanted ink is erased using natural products and a specially trained process similar to reverse tattoo methods. The Eclipse Tattoo Removal Pen’s technology dissolves the ink, and lifts it from the skin.

Unlike some other removal methods, this technique can help minimize lymphatic exposure. This has become more of a concern with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) questioning the safety of some tattoo inks. After a few sessions — typically less than a laser — patients are free of the undesirable artwork.